Tonight its fundamentally quiet, aside from the fighting cats, the serenading folk down the street (seriously there was someone standing around singing up to a house from the park earlier, not to me though) and the stepping, rug brushing and plastic bag shaking of the next door neighbour.

I have watched a season and a half of Six Feet Under these last few nights when I have arrived home from a strange two day job at a hospital in the suburbs. I'm in the fourth season. It's an amazing show.

I'm a little flat and lost. I hope tomorrow is a little better. We were supposed to have a knitting night tomorrow with the start of Autumn and all, but there is a heatwave! 38 degrees (celsius for the northern hemisphere readers). HOT. So now I'm not so sure its a great idea.

Tonight I tried a new recipe as we had limited ingredients in the fridge and I was home alone. It was quite tasty.

Sending all my love to you.