kuwaii A/W09 'shadows in paradise'
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Sometimes I get confused about what it is I love about Architecture. Every now and then something reminds me. This is one of those things.
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Canola Fields, Ballarat-Ararat

Wheat Silo's, Approaching Dimboola VIC

Little Desert NP, Dimboola VIC

Putting my boots on in Polly the Kombi, Little Desert NP, Dimboola VIC

Ebenezer Mission, near Jeparit VIC

Wheat fields and big sky, approaching Rainbow VIC

Abandoned house #1 near Yaapeet VIC

Abandoned house #2, Lake Albacutya (dry) VIC

Hanging Rock VIC

Designing a house for two generations in Brighton is a funny thing.
Brighton is a non-place. Some of the 'tuscan/georgian/greek' homes are reminiscent of a Whiteread work. Negative spaces mapped out in solid rendered concrete in one colour - mostly beige/sand/cream.
There is no way to tell if anyone is home. There are no open windows or curtains pulled up or pushed aside. The cars are neatly stationed away behind roller doors or down below in the bowels of the houses. Near the cellar. By the boat.
The infamous beach sheds sit on the bay but a short distance from the streets where these people live. But there is no indication that the water is anywhere near. Not even a squark of a hungry seagull.
I hope I can make a building that speaks of this space in-between beach and suburb. A tactile and loose arrangement that acknowledges its place.
Not an Edwardian home that has a roof pitched for snow.
Or a Villa with no eaves, no shade, made for an arid desert storm.
Quote of the Week: "pissing through a hole in the floor"

Song of the Week: Free Money Patti Smith
Last weekend I wandered around bemused at the fact that there is suddenly green on all the trees and the apricots are beginning to show in amongst their round fruit tree leaves. I have been walking around blind to the fact that world has continued moving, warming and growing.

It was still winter in my mind. Clearly it's almost summer and two months have escaped from my clutches.

Wenda Rogerson, 1948

Unknown Model in Dior day dress, 1948

Jean Patchett and Ernest Hemingway, 1950
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Well, well, well. That was a little break wasn't it? I haven't been in the mood for posting of late. Many reasons but they aren't really good enough excuses. I'm pretty cold. That's for sure. This morning I arose at 6:30. Wandering home was like being slapped in the face by your trainer when you've made a terrible mistake in the ring and are concussed. Bright eyed and bushy tailed I wander through the apparent temperature of 2.6 degrees with the hazy blue sky attempting a sunny return.
Magpies chortled from around 8:30am.
I have been officially hibernating. Small and considered outings have taken place minimally. My neighbourhood is becoming eerily familiar. The kind of familiarity that constitutes one block. And one block only.
The next door neighbour turns the light in his kitchen on at around 9:00pm and off at 9:30.
There is the lady that mows the lawn weekly with her quiet blades pushing along. Her drawn on eye brows looking constantly surprised. Natalya and I muse about the loss of the eyebrow late in life. I don't think I'll ever pluck again.
There is the endearing and sickening couple I walk past on the way to Julio. I call them the 'Dulux' couple. They have a house, a dog and are renovating in the cutest way. Paint on their noses, matching tracksuits and 'in love' glances across the veranda while their large white bulldog sits obediantly looking on. Etc.
The elderly men on the fence on Miller St tipping their hats and saying hello with inquistive glances.

Who is this girl that wanders back and forth?

Quote of the Week: 'your arms plunging into a boiling cauldron'
Song of the week: Gerry Rafferty, Baker St
A mixtape (muxtape) for Rosie's birthday. I just joined the muxtape revolution. It's pretty fun... x

Whiling away the hours on a recent sleepless night.
Why do I always have the urge to say 'In Seattle' every time I mention Sleepless.
I still have some issues to address with regard to my conditioning, obviously.
C'mon Brain give me something better than 'Sleepless In Seattle'.

Song of the Week: 'Walking In The Rain' The Walker Brothers

Quote of the Week: "Let's have another 'MissQuiff'*"

*missquiff is a whiskey & dry cocktail invented on our recent beach weekend away at somers
these past few weeks have included the following activities:

working late into the night with murray...

...farewell-ing him at his 'mile-high' themed party...

...and then stealing his old plaid shirt and crying upon his departure.

photographing Julio (briony- the genius) for our website.

sitting around and thinking on my balcony.

gazing upon my camera-shy doe

and buying amazing owl mugs from Don Bosco on Sydney rd for 30c each.

Thats about it really. Well there have been lots of things going on in amongst all of that but I'm too lazy to post about them now. Maybe tomorrow. Stay warm. x
Song of the week: 'The Lonely Little Thrift Store' Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Quote of the week: "Your life is a landscape punctuated by hurt..."
My favourite site for a vintage store (they don't sell online though *weeps*) has had an update... It's looking real good...
I've been scouring Etsy.com, window shopping really, looking about at the handmade things and vintage things like I was at a famous market in Europe... so many pretty things. Here are some of my favourite stores... Oh and if any of you have some spare cash, this George Jensen number is pretty spiffy....


well there is me for starters... www.lalkaandprince.etsy.com

pretty good vintage... www.salvagelife.etsy.com

truly cracking vintage homewares boutique... www.atouchofvintage.etsy.com

more amazing vintage homewares... www.gogoabigail.etsy.com

vintage clothing and great shoes... www.vintagestar.etsy.com

always has really great boots!... www.teacupvintage.etsy.com

pretty cute vintage re-made jewels.... www.georgiavaridakis.etsy.com

Amongst the Shadows
Dec. 2007
Park St, Melbourne

Eurobad '74
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I'm not sure where I saw this today, I'm sorry if it was your blog and I haven't credited you. But this exhibition looks beautiful. From Atoms to Patterns. Pity its so far away... I particularly like the 'atomic' neon light in the foyer of the top image and the cellular wallpaper.

Settling in after almost a month in the new house. There are still strange piles of boxes in the hallway and some odd arrangements that need to be ironed out, but otherwise it's feeling pretty good. Did I tell you that I live around the corner from Julio's? So I've been going there almost every day. So excellent. Working my way through the menu is great fun.

Romy is away. It's only been three days and her presence is missed.

I don't really have much to say today. I'll try again tomorrow.

Quote of the week:
"I'd take you straight to Las Vegas and marry you!"

Song of the week:
"I'm on fire" Bruce Springsteen
Aforementioned Bear.