Romy and I were dealt an awful blow on Friday afternoon as our landlord hand delivered a 'Notice to Vacate' our beautiful home. Our landlords are selling the whole building. We have sixty days to find a home with a garden for coalface. I think we have dealt with the initial shock. It's all so daunting.

After troweling through the internet, dealing with claims of 'neat and tidy', 'quaint', 'modern living' etc. we have decided it may be possible to band with two other ladies and search for a big home. We have been out of the game for so long! The above card was a birthday card from Romy and Anna, but this is how I feel now. Solidarity!

In other news my scarf is coming along nicely...

I also must report that I will be up and running on Etsy with vintage treasures from Lalka and Prince (a project I started and have left for a year or so only to return) for you all next week! Whoop! Back to taking care of business!

Wish me luck.

Love. x.