too big to remember

my weekend was too big.
too big to remember exactly what it was i did, exactly what was it that i did for four days.
lets see.
wednesday, i didnt sleep... because on thursday, i had a presentation in front of boy architects talking about this and that...train stations and suburbs... but all i really wanted to talk about was this:

why dont blind people play the accordian on trains anymore? and why dont people wear hats on trains anymore? and why do i procastinate by doing things like decorating my mouse pad?:

...then because i hadnt slept and hadnt eaten cause i had a presentation- i had beer.
and then because i hadnt eaten, and i hadnt had sleep and i had beer- i got drunk.

friday i slept. friday night i went to see some famous japanese architect talk about their funky houses that have sweeping forms and big ceilings. their designs are purely forms built around regualtions and they are beautiful.
then on friday night i had more beer. and what tasmanians call 'pyjamas'. aka spaghetti and cheese jaffles.
saturday i slept. and lazed about. alllll day. trying not to think about all the projects i suddenly have.
saturday i had a beautiful thai dinner in the nicest house in melbourne. miss karen cooked up a storm. then off to party, too many bottles of wine to myself later i was dancing and there were drunken boys falling on me left right and centre.
sunday i slept.

and all this culminated in the most delicious cherry and almond pie i have ever made!

and so now after all that party-ing and pie eating i feel like a wind-up toy, an steam train tin wind up toy, all ready to go! ready to jump in and start designing my thesis project....

yours truly
until sleep club resumes,

i want to live on 'cocoa jackson lane', brunswick....

hey, brunette... on the blue bike... sexy lady (elizabeth st, 00:00)

when i was five i had a crush on a boy who was extremely cute. Adam. I remember I liked him because he was cute, agile (good at jumping from bench to bench in the plyaground) and his name started with A. I thought that was a good sign.

when i was seven i had my second most biggest crush. his name was Gavin. Its only now i realise that rhymes with Adam. Gavin and Cameron were coasties, they were bad, so bad they were good at catch and kiss. They were junior lifesavers, and blonde and brown.

when i was ten i had a crush on a boy called Lee. Lee Miot. Lee was cute too. One day he was playing soccer on the ashphalt and all the boys fell on him. he smashed his mouth on the gravely tar and his two front teeth fell out. I can remember him running to the office past us all, two teeth cupped in his hands at his chin, and the bloody spit falling on the playground in blobs. tears making the marks they do when your face is hot dry and dirty. i was sacred of his blood, id heard about AIDS.

when i was twelve i had a crush on David. he was Italian. and like ferrari's and nintendo. especially super nintendo. he was good at the math quiz' where you have to do 50 times tables. he did them in 3mins. when the 15mins was up i had usually done about 10. David had one of those digital watches too. the ones with the light. we had to do the 'interperative dance' at our confirmation ceremony. i thought it was a sign that we were together at the alter.

when i was thirteen i had a long crush on my friends brother. Chris. he was two years older. and he played footy. rugby. we used to make up dances to TLC crazy sexy cool, and run around. i used to hope he was watching me.

when i was fourteen i had a crush on our family friend Tristian. he was seventeen. we went to a wedding out in the bush and he asked me to go for a walk, we walked down to the creek and he told me, 'you are the only girl ive ever liked'. i had known him for years. i was scared. he was like a brother. now i understood why he wanted to go to roxette* with me when i won tickets. but he was too shy to hold my hand. Tristian was good with cars. he was doing up a VW beetle. it was bright yellow. I ran back up the hill and sat by myself for an hour, trying to figure out why i had run when he tried to kiss me. i liked him. i went and i found him and i kissed him. we hid in the back of his dads old car, it was an old ambulance. and we kissed. my dad found us and then we went home. i didnt see him again.

to be continued...

*i won tickets to five concerts when i was fourteen on a commercial radio station. i entered so i could go to boys II men. i went to boys to men, REM, roxette, pet shop boys, and i won tickets to prince but he never toured.

tick tock

please let me explain myself...

i think it might have taken me this long to recover from the blogging events prior to my holiday and then the holiday itself.

melbourne seemed so dull when i arrived back home, and i guess the view has been a little dreary in my world.... still? i hear you say... yes. still.

i am in the last six months of one of the 'hardest degrees in the world' (quote lawyer friend) architecture. so ive been a bit quiet of late, i like to describe it as 'living in a hole' where you eat sleep and design and there isnt much brain power for other things. this is certain to continue for three months, and then ill try and do some 'elective' subjects in the fine arts department to make up for the loss of time...

so i do read your blogs, and i do see your pictures, but i guess i find it hard to dig that little bit deeper to write here.

ill pop in every now and then.

i love the magnolias at the moment, and last week i filled the house with tulips and stolen daphne.

new occupation: drunken guerilla neighbourhood florist

talented i am
as i steal from well laden trees
and florist bins
to create the most brilliant drunken bouqets

i think ill put that on my business card.

p.s. i fixed a leant to me bike and now i have WHEELZ

yours truly
blue malvern star maiden
laiden with flora!