I'm back and working on a new manifesto for 'how is the view'
ATP Buller - Tathra - ATP Sydney were all amazing.
Be back tomorrow with updates and some pretty pictures.
Christmas 2008

every year we have a pretend christmas dinner
there's pass the parcel phase of the evening...
a delicious dinner
and when all of the chocolate panettone runs out there
is nothing left to do but...

get stuck into the pinata.

orphans christmas breakfast.
note the very large jug of excellent bloody mary's to quell the hangovers!
Just before Christmas a neighbour came over and asked if I could mind the family fish while they were on holiday in NZ. I said yes of course, and he mentioned that it was quite 'ugly' and beige grey and little. When he returned he was holding a bowl with a hard-to-see fish in it. It's name is Sausage Roll.

He's actually doing fine, and quite cute, I'll have to stop myself from buying him a friend though.

x S

I've been collecting old abandoned photos ever since I wandered into a stuffed closet kind of second hand shop on the top of Paddington Hill in Brisbane, 2001. I don't know why they intrigue me, some of them I buy to say "Ha! You didn't invent the wheel! They've been doing windows like that since 1840!", or for the inscriptions on the back (I often buy books for amazing inscriptions/dedications too- but thats another project), or just for a little snippet of some kind of beautiful history that I know nothing of.

I'm starting to collate them, here are the first few.

x S

from a collection of photos by John Rawlings at foto_decadent.
Good Morning!
Happy New Year!
I'm back!
I pledge I'll blog my socks off (handmade crochet vintage socks of course) this year.
I had a brilliant celebration on NYE. Apart from the fact that my love had to go to Qld at the last minute to help his ill father with the bees. Out in Western Qld Jack is collecting hives slowly and calmly (so as not to get stung) and extracting honey. Bees are smart amazing little insects, I'll be excited to hear some stories and taste the creamy deliciousness of fresh GOOD honey.
Next week we head to ATP and then on to the beach AND THEN to Sydney ATP. I am so in need of a holiday, I'm most looking forward to sitting by the beach in Tathra and eating delicious food and swimming heaps!

Well happy new year everyone. There is something to be said about early morning dappled light playing on my curtains, distant train horns sounding at the corssings and Gold 104 with my cup of tea this Saturday morning but I'll save that for another time.

x S