merry christmas!

Shit Town

Its been a bleak period, but I've gotten through it with the help of my beautiful friends.
Bleak why? Well its the old 'lost love' bag. The kind that leaves you feeling a deep sense of sadness. Break-ups. I can only think of shit-town as a way to describe it all. I've just spent three weeks in shit-town.

The place where you go to sleep. Be silent. Be still. Be salty faced.
Anna said that i could stop the de-salination plant in Wonthaggi and have one right there on my face for a while. But she is a poet. She also has kept me alive.
Shit-town has only three buildings. There really isn't anyone in them. They stand there sad and saggy. Shit-town is in a ditch. A dusty depression in the road. With hills either side. Shit-town has Hotel California playing in the background, and you hate it, and want it to stop.
Shit town is sitting in the car in the dusty rain and people tapping on the windscreen. Wanting to get you out. Wanting you to get out of the car. Shit-town is having your seat belt stuck while in the car and everyone is tapping on the windscreen and you want to get out but it wont budge and you want to get out but you're energy is way low.
Shit-town is only escapable because someone told everyone to be quiet and notioned to me to wind down the window for air. Rolling their arms and wrists in a way that makes you realise what you are doing and that the fact you are in Shit-town is escapable.
Your survival instincts kick in.

And now your ears burn, and you are hungry for touch and the hardest thing to do is to change your relationship status on facebook. And take off your pink suede shoes. But you are ok. Everything will be OK.

Then you host the best party in the history of parties, the one you have been planning for months....

and you spend all day making amazing food...

and your amazing friend lends you an amazing pink dress...

and lots of beautiful people come and you feel happy to know them... some of them even work the bar...

and you dance to soul music til dawn and drink two cases of champagne... and you realise yes. everything is good.


sorry for all the grammar and tense and whining. but im glad ive got that outta my system...
and im counting down the christmas days...