Some things about me and my day-

1. I would like to get these feathers tattooed on the inside of my arm. Four in total, these two, then these two mirrored. Like I'd just had a pillow fight in a spotlight and the feathers' shadows are playing down my arm.

2. I'm only just getting used to sleeping alone.

3. I've been spending around an hour every morning looking at blogs, my bookmarks list is growing every minute. You are all so amazing!

4. I'm toying with the idea of trying to sell posies from my garden somewhere.

5. I've been out every night of this week because of art and the LMFF and its been excellent fun.

6. I ate five figs from different trees on my wanderings today.

7. I've had Elvis in my head all day. 'In the ghetto'. My karaoke debut recently was a duet singing 'Suspicious Minds'.

8. I very rarely remember my dreams.

9. My elderly next door neighbour, Gerald, washes his plastic shopping bags and hangs them on his washing line. I admire his dedication, yet am baffled at what they did before they were washed and what he does after they are washed.

10. I didn't buy a diary this year. I only ever have moleskine diaries, and this year I couldn't afford one. I am baffled as to how I will get through the year!

I just walked the neighbourhood for two and a half hours documenting the autumn. Ill upload photos tonight!


dell said...

do it,
i would fall in love with you on sight...

too late!

washing and re-using plastic bags, good. disposable culture is bad, it is still a bag.
otherwise he is a serial killer cleaning up after himself...