Easter Camping, Johanna Beach, March 2008


Anonymous said...

Johannas beach is my favourite place in Victoria. The wild ocean makes you feel as though you're standing at the edge of the world.

Every year over the easter break, I go camping there on my own and spend a few days reading, being silent and surviving off hot cross buns. Last year, I woke up one morning to find easter eggs outside my tent.

problematic said...

This was remarkable, it was such an amazing place.

I'm sorry we didn't cross paths there. Did you camp in the hiking part on the hill?

Nice to hear from you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

No, this year I took my little swag and camped amongst the sand dunes down on the beach. It had some beautiful views in the mornings.

I stumbled across your blog quite by accident, and have been quietly checking back ever since. I like the way you write, and I think your drawings are five parts of lovely.

problematic said...

Thank you. It's always nice to know people actually look here.

Johanna's was so beautiful. The scale of the place is so immense. It does feel like you are on the edge of the world. The ocean's largess is tangible or something.

The dunes would have been a perfect place to rest.

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