Today is my five year anniversary in Melbourne town. It sort of feels like I'm back where I began. Of course I'm not. So much has happened in the last five years!
Yet, I'm still looking for a house. Albeit not from an awful backpackers in North Melbourne, disoriented and somewhat alone, navigating by candlelight and tram maps.
I'm still looking for an amazing job, though I've had many in the last five years, I am too multi skilled (If I do say so myself?) and can't seem to find somewhere I can do everything and be satisfied. Somewhere I fit.

I do however have so many things I didn't have when I arrived in Melbourne;

many excellent friends,

a beautiful pet rabbit,

an enviable tea cup collection (these are my favourites),

a vintage clothing business,

three ex-boyfriends,

9/10ths of an Architecture degree,

experience in three amazing design firms,

one built work (julio! I love you)

and a place I call my 'hometown'...

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I'll make sure I celebrate!


dell said...

This post, and your easter camping make me HOMESICK for melbourne and friends. BOO for me... YAY for you...


pen said...

what a bunny!