Spring 2008

Miu Miu Spring 2008

Spring/Summer 2008

and they lived happily ever after.
Wilsons Promontory, VIC
Feb. 2006

I wish a roof would appear over my head
shielding the light according to my mood.

"the wind from the sea made the gums
throw their khaki-silver umbrellas to and fro"

Peter Carey
Part Six: Blue Bread and Sapphires

navel gazing
Footscray Market
Jan. 2006

1. secret studio apartment gallery space fit out in the city

2. dreamy apartment fit out

3. house! ill post pics of the model when im done

4. NEIS to get Lalka & Prince properly up and running...

5. Palizzi, Sicily in August

6. My drivers license (finally)

Now you can see why I'm so excited. This Saturday we celebrate 1 year of Julio Cafe, which is awesome. I'm still in love with that place.

Next week I go to Brisrael for two weeks, will post pictures of amazing highway hotels on the Gold Coast, RSL meals, Brisbane Socialites, Noosa tycoons etc.

Tonight I make strawberry jam!
I can get wireless on Murray's window sill. So here I am, sitting in my gumboots, crumpled up in a way so as to make my whole body fit on the sill, legs up, back arched. Its such a beautiful day. In a rainy summery way. Void of the glare of the last week or so, its raining in a calm way. No wind. Just straight down drizzle. The birds are flying fast, happy to be unencumbered by the breeze.

Last night I made a delicious seafood pie. And then we danced and it became apparent that no one was hungry for the Pavlova. So I had Pavlova for breakfast. It was amazing. Strawberries and passionfruit from our vine downstairs.

This rain is excellent for the last ripening neighbourhood fruit. The peaches will be a delight.

Last night I finally heard the words I had been longing to hear. I am missed. It's nice to know that you are missed sometimes. Especially when you miss them too.


Cheers to rainy days, gumboots and puddles and funny ponchos.

The polaroid below is the lovely anna, with a found fish, on Fitzroy Island in Far North QLD. I love her to pieces. Fitzroy Island is one of the most memorable places of that trip, the water ever so blue, the rainforest and huge boulders. The colourful fish and colourful coral.

That's all for today. The house is finally coming together. Designing a house for a friend is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. But I am slowly getting there, and slowly falling in love with it. And Murray is too, which is a good sign.


Still invincible, if not a little full of Pavlova... I'm thinking about getting around in one of these? I might make one. Perhaps its time for another animal party.

untitled by uro via montmartre's sketchbook via soir de fete

like a fish out of water
Fitzroy Island, QLD
July, 2006

for sleep club c.2007

wooden sunglasses (heee) via tas-ka

"At last some colour!" one local Roman watching the scene on a grey winter's day said.

pink sunshine
august 2007
Brisbane, QLD
Some new links to your right, I haven't updated them for a while, but I've been checking these ones all the time and not telling you about them!
The year is off and im running along behind it. In a good way. Lots of work, opportunities opening up all over the place. I keep trying to write down some resolutions, but I feel like I don't need to. I love my home, I love my work and right now I feel like I'm invincible!

sinatra sings
footscray market, VIC
february 2006

fish creek
Fish Creek, VIC
February, 2006

for the longest time
South Yarra
November 2007

white heat
Cairns, QLD
July 2005

white wonderland

The Como Hotel, South Yarra
November, 2007

riding high
Mareeba Rodeo FNQ,
August 2005