I'm off camping at the crack of dawn tomorrow, an end of summer celebration... BUT If I was home this easter I'd be spending all my money here at Pen's new store;

I will however, be there upon my return. Can everyone just take a moment to enlarge the above image and check what constitutes the perfect shirt sleeve - puff and length - and the beautiful panelling on the front of the garment?!!!!

Thanks. Have a lovely festive weekend. I can never let a chance to celebrate or feast go by! Why live simply when you can live thoughtfully? I might be in the bush with 7 other friends, but I'll be hanging the bunting and having an egg hunt, eating the fig tart I made today, making bush posies and laying out the good linen!

All my love...

Oh and does anyone remember this?

p.s. The bangs are back!!!


Bobby La said...

it looks like she's holding a bunch of tobacco?? and yes, beautiful sleeve, thanks for that. it must have a tuck up the centre of it... hmmm...