Dell, you made my day. Here is something if you didn't already see it over here.

The last thing I feel like doing at the moment is looking for a house. But this one looks alright, might be too far away though. I think I'd like to have the 70s wood panelled studio as my room. Really, all I want is one of these... (via aesthetically pleasing)
Krisatomic has just uploaded some amazing blogging fodder, including this beautiful collar from a Hong Kong museum. So so beautiful.

Amazing vintage interiors, I can't figure out how to post the images, but you can see them here.

Why am I still in bed at Midday on a Wednesday? Lazy. Well a little, yes. But mostly it's because of my new friend Boris. Boris is a complex ovarian cyst the size of a tennis ball. Nice. Hungry? I think not. I'll know more next week about how we 'lose' Boris, if only it was as easy as giving the wrong directions to the party, hopping in a cab, and hoping he can't find it.
I was feeling, quite frankly, preganant. Tender, nauseas, bloated, generally tired and emotional. Of course this isn't possible because of the medication I am on for everything else, so I decided to get it all checked out, and we found Boris.
Boris is an ex tennis player, drinks beer, has gas, likes to prod with what I can only imagine is a rabbit ear TV antennae and lives in my lower abdomen.

I guess Ill be on the internets a bit more this week. Ill try to post a bit more. Apologies for my absence, friends, bloggers (and clients!!!).