Things I'm thinking about today;

- Franny and Zooey. Mostly Zooey. Holden Caulfield. Esther Greenwood. And in turn, New York City.
- Those fluffy wire chickens that I love so much at Easter.

- The release of one of my favourite Melbourne band's album, that Jack recorded and mixed, St Helens. It's finished, but I guess it's still a while off release.

- The fact that its almost April and the leaves are falling and daylight savings must finish this weekend... I had better hurry and finish my scarf.

- That I may be moving to Fitzroy for the first time since living in Melbourne. Not in the Carlton North. Different from the Pigdon-Park St trajectory I've lived in for the past four years.

- Florals and Patterns

- Vintage Lace Dresses and Vintage Paisley Dresses and Fur Collared Coats and Vintage Pink Jumpsuits.

- Getting paid so I can get my feathers...