Ridiculously excellent! I'm still in love with my Easter friends...

For dell and adam. From cold and rainy Melbourne.
"Oh there'll be time, to get by, and get dry, after the swimming pool. Oh there'll be time, to just cry, or wonder why, it didnt work out. Oh there'll be time, to fish fry, for letters by, yours truly. Yours truly." 'Banshee Beat' from the album Feels. by Animal Collective.
Today is my five year anniversary in Melbourne town. It sort of feels like I'm back where I began. Of course I'm not. So much has happened in the last five years!
Yet, I'm still looking for a house. Albeit not from an awful backpackers in North Melbourne, disoriented and somewhat alone, navigating by candlelight and tram maps.
I'm still looking for an amazing job, though I've had many in the last five years, I am too multi skilled (If I do say so myself?) and can't seem to find somewhere I can do everything and be satisfied. Somewhere I fit.

I do however have so many things I didn't have when I arrived in Melbourne;

many excellent friends,

a beautiful pet rabbit,

an enviable tea cup collection (these are my favourites),

a vintage clothing business,

three ex-boyfriends,

9/10ths of an Architecture degree,

experience in three amazing design firms,

one built work (julio! I love you)

and a place I call my 'hometown'...

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I'll make sure I celebrate!

Kiss, Will Oldham and Scout Niblett

Easter Camping, Johanna Beach, March 2008
Things I'm thinking about today;

- Franny and Zooey. Mostly Zooey. Holden Caulfield. Esther Greenwood. And in turn, New York City.
- Those fluffy wire chickens that I love so much at Easter.

- The release of one of my favourite Melbourne band's album, that Jack recorded and mixed, St Helens. It's finished, but I guess it's still a while off release.

- The fact that its almost April and the leaves are falling and daylight savings must finish this weekend... I had better hurry and finish my scarf.

- That I may be moving to Fitzroy for the first time since living in Melbourne. Not in the Carlton North. Different from the Pigdon-Park St trajectory I've lived in for the past four years.

- Florals and Patterns

- Vintage Lace Dresses and Vintage Paisley Dresses and Fur Collared Coats and Vintage Pink Jumpsuits.

- Getting paid so I can get my feathers...
"They are moving on constantly."

Camping was delightful, we went to Johanna beach which was very far away. When we arrived on Friday the swell was huge and the beach wild. The wildest and most impressively scaled place I've ever been. Walks up large hills and late night campfires.

We arrived home last night and I slept for hours and hours.

Now I'm back in the world, blogging, working on getting L&P up and running and looking for a house.

And procrastinating. If we are to have a farewell party, it will be a 1930s Safari themed one... out in to the wilderness we go... Trader Horn and The African Queen style...
I'm off camping at the crack of dawn tomorrow, an end of summer celebration... BUT If I was home this easter I'd be spending all my money here at Pen's new store;

I will however, be there upon my return. Can everyone just take a moment to enlarge the above image and check what constitutes the perfect shirt sleeve - puff and length - and the beautiful panelling on the front of the garment?!!!!

Thanks. Have a lovely festive weekend. I can never let a chance to celebrate or feast go by! Why live simply when you can live thoughtfully? I might be in the bush with 7 other friends, but I'll be hanging the bunting and having an egg hunt, eating the fig tart I made today, making bush posies and laying out the good linen!

All my love...

Oh and does anyone remember this?

p.s. The bangs are back!!!
Romy and I were dealt an awful blow on Friday afternoon as our landlord hand delivered a 'Notice to Vacate' our beautiful home. Our landlords are selling the whole building. We have sixty days to find a home with a garden for coalface. I think we have dealt with the initial shock. It's all so daunting.

After troweling through the internet, dealing with claims of 'neat and tidy', 'quaint', 'modern living' etc. we have decided it may be possible to band with two other ladies and search for a big home. We have been out of the game for so long! The above card was a birthday card from Romy and Anna, but this is how I feel now. Solidarity!

In other news my scarf is coming along nicely...

I also must report that I will be up and running on Etsy with vintage treasures from Lalka and Prince (a project I started and have left for a year or so only to return) for you all next week! Whoop! Back to taking care of business!

Wish me luck.

Love. x.

Even though its excruciatingly hot and I postponed knitting night, last night I finished the grey merino scarf I started last year. I then started a new scarf project (my knitting knowledge is limited) with some wool I found in an op-shop last spring. I'm not sure what it is, but it smells of lanolin and is hand spun. I love it. I have so much of it! I think this will be ever so cosy for the winter coming, despite our current heat wave.

Its approaching my five year anniversary in Melbourne. I moved here five years ago from Brisbane, I have met so many special people and I feel like I am a part of this city. It felt like home when I first set foot here, but now it feels like home more than ever.

Tonight I am going to the opening of a show at GCA that a friend has curated! Exciting. Time for a beer. Is it too early?

Love from me to you. Here's a song for the weekend...

Thursday's Walk #2

Tonight its fundamentally quiet, aside from the fighting cats, the serenading folk down the street (seriously there was someone standing around singing up to a house from the park earlier, not to me though) and the stepping, rug brushing and plastic bag shaking of the next door neighbour.

I have watched a season and a half of Six Feet Under these last few nights when I have arrived home from a strange two day job at a hospital in the suburbs. I'm in the fourth season. It's an amazing show.

I'm a little flat and lost. I hope tomorrow is a little better. We were supposed to have a knitting night tomorrow with the start of Autumn and all, but there is a heatwave! 38 degrees (celsius for the northern hemisphere readers). HOT. So now I'm not so sure its a great idea.

Tonight I tried a new recipe as we had limited ingredients in the fridge and I was home alone. It was quite tasty.

Sending all my love to you.

early morning, fitness first
August 2007
Bowen Cres, VIC
I wrote a list for my other 'social networking sites' (oh dear) of the things that interest me and thought I would share. Perhaps lame, perhaps not. It was kind of nice to sit down and revise and list the things that inspire/drive/interest me and the things I dream about.

  • Flocks of Birds
  • Feathers
  • Sharpening Pencils to the Perfect Point
  • Drinking tea
  • Garage sales
  • Prada
  • Lanvin
  • Dries van Noten
  • Lula magazine
  • Polaroid Photography
  • Drawing various things.. Mostly Buildings
  • Impromptu Collage and Street Installation
  • Baking
  • Preserves
  • River pebbles
  • Ceramic Animals
  • Drunken Neighbourhood Guerrilla Floristry
  • Mixed tapes
  • Planning Trips
  • Re-Arranging
  • Preparation and Consumption of Food and Drink
  • Precious textiles
  • Inscriptions In Books
  • Sock puppets
  • Photo essays
  • Love Song Dedications
  • Outer Suburban Melancholy
  • Serenades
  • Adventures
  • Getting About the House in Jewels
  • Pretending the sound of an approaching Skateboard is an Airplane and Vice-Versa

oh how i wish i could dance.
this is very special too.
its ever so hot here today.

Thursday's walk.

Possibly the most devastating song ever written. The shots of the crowd in this performance are amazing, everyone is so self conscious...

desolation row
July 2006
Jacana, VIC

Some things about me and my day-

1. I would like to get these feathers tattooed on the inside of my arm. Four in total, these two, then these two mirrored. Like I'd just had a pillow fight in a spotlight and the feathers' shadows are playing down my arm.

2. I'm only just getting used to sleeping alone.

3. I've been spending around an hour every morning looking at blogs, my bookmarks list is growing every minute. You are all so amazing!

4. I'm toying with the idea of trying to sell posies from my garden somewhere.

5. I've been out every night of this week because of art and the LMFF and its been excellent fun.

6. I ate five figs from different trees on my wanderings today.

7. I've had Elvis in my head all day. 'In the ghetto'. My karaoke debut recently was a duet singing 'Suspicious Minds'.

8. I very rarely remember my dreams.

9. My elderly next door neighbour, Gerald, washes his plastic shopping bags and hangs them on his washing line. I admire his dedication, yet am baffled at what they did before they were washed and what he does after they are washed.

10. I didn't buy a diary this year. I only ever have moleskine diaries, and this year I couldn't afford one. I am baffled as to how I will get through the year!

I just walked the neighbourhood for two and a half hours documenting the autumn. Ill upload photos tonight!

blue bayou
October 2007
Carlton, VIC

The garage sale was a huge success, we made lots of dollars and we had a great day. It was so sunny and lovely! There were neighborhood chats, an elderly woman buying posies for the Virgin Mary at the church, Lemonade and Limenade, Honey Joys and Toffees, kiddie pats for Coaly our rabbit and Enthusiastic admirers.

Happy Monday. I'm eating a hot crossed bun! I can't believe Easter is so close! I made myself a Monday play list that goes something like this:

1. Monday Monday / The Mamas & The Papas
2. Friday On My Mind / The Easybeats
3. Lola / The Kinks
4. Baby Love / Diana Ross & The Supremes
5. Needles in the Camels Eye / Brian Eno
6. Instrumental / The Organ
7. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) / Nancy Sinatra
8. Purple Rain / Prince
9. Wild Horses / The Rolling Stones
10. Almost Forgot Myself / Doves
11. Raspberry Beret / Prince
12. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) / The Four Tops
13. And She Was / Talking Heads
14. I Would Die 4 U / Prince
15. Running Up That Hill / Kate Bush
16. Here come the warm jets / Brian Eno
17. Over & Over / Hot Chip
18. Evil Woman / Electric Light Orchestra
19. Where Did Our Love Go / Diana Ross & The Supremes
20. Sound And Vision / David Bowie
21. Be My Wife / David Bowie
22. Faster Pussycat / The Cramps
23. Hot Love / T-Rex
24. Is This Love? / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
urgent assistance to thread a needle for a sewing task she needed to do in order to get to a garden party
save polaroid!