wild west....

i had a big night on friday,
one of my biggest ever.
what started as a posh dinner in our best dresses,
(we went to panama, on smith st, the food is brilliantly brilliant!)
became a debauched dancing bonanza culminating in a 7am
falling asleep on someone else's bed with five other friends
and getting dragged home kind of night...
and i was sick yesterday, so sick that i could go out to the various parties that were on.
one of them being my best friends party...

what a horrible friend!
i hate party guilt...
hate it.

this is how the cake turned out... hee he

*the wind whistles through the (coconut) grass and gunshots rival whistling arrows
as the cowboys try to escape their hopeless pursuit, being lassoed to the cactus and all...*

we went to a new shop on friday, its on smith st and it is immaculate 'janes addiction'. beautiful objects, i got a viewmaster, and we bought anna k FORT APACHE, a cowboys and indians set... the cowboys even have einsie weensie plastic scarves...
its beautiful.

happy day of the EXTRA hour...