ill whispher comforting things in your ear

I’m a little bit sleepy. It’s Saturday night and Im all alone in the world of lines, lines, lines!
Thank god for mixed tapes.

I know I said I was going to go and support the creative genius’ that produce such beautiful publications as VOICEWORKS and IsNot magazines, but its too late, well maybe its not, but I can’t sacrifice my sanity for a little jiggle tonight.

Thank god for mixed tapes. i have three here that my lovers, friends, and lovely friends have given me.
Right now Elliot Smith rings loudly... "needle in the ha-ay", its ok it picks up a little later on, with some Scout Niblett, The Microphones and then a little Nancy Sinatra, unlikely mix? I think so, but that’s where these things end up. My ears are actually starting to hurt a little from the headphones I have at the moment. I think ill have to catch the last tram home tonight.

“shu shu shuu

shu shu shuuu

shu sha shu shoo

sugar town

yesterday it rained in tenesee

and it also rained in telahasee

but not a drop fell on little ol


cause I was in

sho shu shu


Nancy. Trams. Lines. SATURDAY NIGHT? Sugar town.



hell said...

hi miss, i love your bike offer. i move back to nth carlton on the weekend, so maybe we could have a neighbourly exchange... not that i should go near bikes, but will promise to be as safe as can be...

yes lately, most of those damn rain drops have been falling on little old me...