now that im older

so now that im almost 24 and a half.
i have begun to understand the impact that catholic education brings.
especially at easter.

christmas, how nice, babies, big stars, donkeys, pretty mary, and a few men with nice beards. not too much different from a saturday night out really.

easter. i was writing an email to propose a dinner to some friends and got a little carried away;

It is the festival of chocolate consumption (aka easter):

eggs, gruesome whippings*, rejoice, thorns in your head*, chocolate, public humiliation*, hot cross buns, carrying heavy hunks of wood that you will be tied and nailed to later*, springtime (in the northern hemisphere?), painting of lambs blood above your door to escape the angel of death* and rabbits and shit.

*if you find me hiding in my Bermuda triangle cupboard and weeping it’s a flashback to year two at ‘star of the sea’ primary school;

where the paedophilic priest (who 10 years later was imprisoned for touching little boys [luckily not girls] ) stood over us filling us with ‘the fear’ of ‘our saviour’ who
spittles would fly from his mouth at 30 under ten-year-old children, quivering with fear while he described the 12 stations of the cross from the ‘last supper’ to the ‘resurrection’ in gruesome detail and insists we imagine, and be very sorry for all our sins…
just kiss me and give me more chocolate…

scarred? me?

all in all i dont think i turned out too bad, that love one another stuff was alright...
cheers to the festival of chocolate...