what do you get?

When you eat big bad meals for five days straight? Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.
A roly poly sore tired belly of great disgust...that’s what.

How are you?
Sometimes I like to think about how you are too. I’m shy around nice people who are beautiful, and most times when I see you I can’t say hello. My brain is too busy soaking you up to use its cognitive features to think of something poignantly silly to say.

It churns and churns and churns.

But nothing comes out.

And it’s because you are so pretty that my pupils enlarge, and my lips sting.

It’s only 'the family' that I can talk to these days. Otherwise I get lost in the sea of know-who-did-what-and-sings-this-and-paints-that. We are all so clever.

I have to get clever today as I have stand up tomorrow and talk to a panel of six architects and tell them what I think of the suburbs, and trains and their stations, and large fences, and grassy hills. Tough stuff...

Yesterday I made (what we calculated to be) 75 pancakes. There were lots. And there was lulling, lemon curd, maple syrup and many a condiment. Campari and orange. Ooo and brilliant people, shiny as a freshly cut gem, and the sun came. What an Easter Sunday!

I hope you had a nice day too.

x me


hell said...

hi miss,

apologies for sunday, sounds like you had a lovely day... my moving is just done so i can relax in MY room, it's been almost a year since i could REALLY say that... maybe we can catch up sometime soon...

i'm flexible so let me know whats good for you....

i'm just a hop skip & cycle away.

oh nice outfit thursday!