My desk looks straight into Quest on Bourke. A hotel above Bourke St.

There usually isn’t much action, and I know people can’t see me,
but I can see them. Usually there are cleaners making beds, couples standing on their balconies looking at the view...

A few moments ago there was a lady standing at the window, with her grey tracksuit and hand on hips, with glowing pink skin. She picked her nose, and glared at the street below.

It’s a strange feeling watching someone, knowing they can’t see you. It happens to each and every one of us at some point. Being watched and not knowing.

The night before last I was getting changed and realised mid top off that there a man walking his dog and staring at me from across the park. I have blinds; sometimes I don’t close them sometimes I do. This is most likely sheer Karma for all the times I’ve spotted people getting their gear off in various locations and not looked away.


p.s. i got a tram fine (another one) last night... cunts


hell said...

shit sucking tram filth. oh whatever. i too feel your pain.

problematic said...

its horrible isnt it? and its my second one since dec. and i havent paid the last one! oh *sigh* when will it end.
hopefully there will be a little explosion of special gas tailored to just get the mean-ness out of the tram inspectors in melbourne, even if for just a little while..