in the jungle

So my presentation went well, despite technical difficulties.
This made me happy.
And then I was supposed to have a presentation tomorrow and there was some sort of divine intervention and its been put back to next week. HOORAY!

Guess what?
I got a studio (little dance...) on Queensbury and Elizabeth in the city.
Right near the market (potential fresh fruit vs. jam doughnut rivalry there)
so I will have a space to while away the hours with people I love.

I get to have a real weekend, with cups of tea and baths
(I do bathe, but baths are more fun when they are long and candlelit), snuggling, and doing mountains of washing.

I’ve also succumbed to the 'myspace' revolution (heaven forbid another thing to update and up keep). Internet procrastination, though, is my favourite thing to do whilst chained to a computer (in case you hadn’t noticed- and no this is not some strange fetish).

And then there is another holiday! ANZAC day. Memories of shaking little old man hands and trying to be chipper at 4am so my dad could remember his dad fill my mind. I only wish that there would be more 'learning' from what has happened than just 'remembering'.

My friend Dane hopped in his car today and is driving all the way to Cairns. Stopping in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa, Townsville and on to cairns. Big drive Mr Dane.
but... this means we dream of a group holiday to cairns very very soon!
hopefully in July.

I can’t wait to roam the forest

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hamish said...

Can you please explain MySpace? I don't get it! As far as I can see, it's just this page where there's a picture (headshot, from above and the side) and some kind of mystery calendar, then MILLIONS of YOU R SO KEWL comments down the side.... where's the content?!?!?! is there a spot to write things somewhere that i haven't seen? what IS it???

What is FOR???