so this morning i was on the tram,
with the inspectors (romy and i had decided there is a plague of them at the moment)
and a man came and sat next to me.

he was about fifty, lithe, fit and generally in offensive.
blue oakley wrap around sunglasses- with a strap around the back,
white shirt with a slight embossed stripe
red knotted cuff links, a red tie,
freckles, short (no.1) hair.

someone you would usually think would ride to work every day on a bike...

he was listening to an ipod, a little white nano,
with a lime green jelly cover,
and straight away i noticed the song blaring,
escaping from his hairy ears.


must i be subjected to these characters with bad ipod playlists their wives (is there any other explanation?) have collated to 'spice' up their day?

*goes the applestore and dreams*


rhymes with pony said...

cmon its abba!

problematic said...

i am a little scarred, images of my mother dancing to 'fernando' whenever there was an abba tv special on... glass of wine in hand, dragging my little sister onto the 'dancefloor' (stained loungeroom carpet)
"there was something in the air that night the stars were bright...(in a husky'iwasina band once' voice)