shadow puppets...

i killed my dinner
with karate
kick him in the face
taste the body...
is the work that i do.
- johanna newsom

i had a lovely weekend, draining me of all anxiety,
filling me with music and food.
bar-be-cues and bodies.
lorelei made a pavlova. i made a plethora of salads with romy,
and we sat and ate, all 30 of us.
boys ran the barbecue, isnt it funny that they crowd around,
and watch, watch for the right time to turn, and nudge, with long silvery fingers.

the highlight of the evening was the puppet show.
we found that on the three story blank white wall next door,
our apartment on the first floor (there are only two) has a window from romy's bedroom that shines directly and enlarges shadows.
so there were skits with bananas and knives and all the comical and dark things that being drunk and woosey in the night time on a sunday brings.

im almost finished my book too,
'the cure for death by lightening'
by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

i love finishing books.

i started uni this week, which means time to knuckle down,
and work, and build tiny buildings. models. people love things that are small and fantastical. its such a hard thing to grasp through just drawings.

post some photos before you know it...