thursday should be a good day....

RANT ensues:

so its six o’clock and I’m about to go home from school.
there are pin-boards around me with neglected and abandoned cd’s, posters of the twelve (nine?)
and no windows. none. there are highlight windows to INSIDE spaces, they even have their own little black curtains just in case any light wants to creep through… but nope nothing to look at.
Next to me is someone from downstairs’ sketch (fashion students) I know its wrong but I might just. He.
Yeah why not?


Ah the scanners not working. Its someone’s design for lingerie, ‘panties’ and brassiere, suspenders and garter…
What makes someone talented? This person doesn’t look talented…their sketch is on scrappy loose leaf A4 paper with binder holes down the side and faint blue lines with a red lined margin. In blue biro. Is it wrong to judge someone by the way they do their sketches?


Arggh anyway, I need a studio. I can’t take the clicking and snorting, sniffing and clicking, banging, tutting, sighing, chatter about a pet dog who had a car accident, of strangers. I can’t handle the feel of the boy next to me sighing, his expended air crawling on my cheek, most probably because he ran up the stairs. The lifts have been out of order due to ‘industrial relations disputes’ for two weeks now.