no title needed today...
just an exclamation of pure peace.

i like today, its a little hot though, one my dear friends anna is pining for cooler times so i can wear my 'fur' (i am a fox you see, according to her)

i bought an anchor today, its navy and white, and made of plastic (a brooch).
and i think it worked. i put it on and instantly felt anchored. im in a very happy place.
maybe its the yellow dress too.
ive been a little grumpy and frumpy lately, almost demanding *gasp* demanding cuddles and kisses, but i think they worked too.

last night we cheers'd to the last drops of summer (the little sprinkler spurt that comes from a hole you cant find, and goes in the wrong direction maybe in your eye, and surpises you, in a good way). romy and i had to cancel the first knitting club for sunday, we pre-empted autumn, there is no cool wind yet, just warm pleasentries. i might even get the chance to do a little touslling in the sand on sunday... maybe ill take my anchor.

my nanna always writes at the end of her cards
"may your rainbows never turn blue..." x N
(i have crafty sticker nanna who is going through a very amusing phase of scrapbooking and sticker craft for all occasions)

i always seem to write such silly little detached and incoherant posts.

im going to a little opening tonight in a little subway spot that has little creatures that aren't mascots, and to fold and unfold books that are maps with lots of mis-communicative stories.
its at platform. under flinders st. see you there.