nice morning... a little too nice....

the city is sooo strange at the moment,
and its only going to get weirder...
its so clllleeeeeannnnn.
so pristine, as the autumn leaves fall im sure someone
is running about with a leaf [dust] buster, slurping them up
before they hit the ground.

so now one can tell that the seasons have changed
except the ‘local’ people.

I was walking home from work last night and a leaf was falling towards me,
towards my head, and I flinched.
like an involuntary comment, a thinking out aloud,
a flinch as a leaf fell toward me, thinking it was a projectile.
I know I am a city girl now.

there are tracksuits, of all colours, littered about the clean grey mall,
and people with funny little tags in that in-offensive blue colour.

and very little homeless people, ‘moved on’ I guess. I think they were all lined up
outside the brotherhood in Brunswick st this morning as I rode by on the tram.

strange days, and surely about to get stranger...


Anonymous said...

Meow meow foxy, autumn is good because it means soon it will be winter and your coat will be white white and softly softly your paws will pad through the snow sssh sssh and we'll all drive up to donna buang and throw snowballs and I will be hypo and generally annoying.

flapping for you squirter

problematic said...

brolga, should be your identity, anonymous...
you are the cheekiest bird i know, especially when you pretend to meow, teasing all the kitties, a cunning fox would figure you out...
i look forward to flapping with you soon, but only in the snow of course...