things to do

8 sleeps til im in tropical paradise
thats right
i cant WAIT for warm breezes cold mountain nights, snorkelling off islands with water like you see in those adds, and storms. i cant wait til i hear the earth moving, rumble grumble, houseshaking thunder of a REAL storm.
not like you get in these parts

isnt it cold?

things to do when on official holidays,

- stack bills in neat piles and hope that this makes it easier to look at them... later
- call all those people you havent talked to in a while
- stay in bed. all day. in the cold. get up for the odd cup of tea...
- use your housemates beautiful computer while she is on holidays
- have baths
- spend WHOLE days at home
- drink all the quince brandy you promised to others
- draw lots of things that arent buildings
- plan to draw lots more things that arent buildings
- blog
- make your myspace profile pretty but hard to read
- drink and guzzle lots of wine on friday nights and look at people like you didnt really mean to look at them
- spend ALL day sifting for treasure in op shops that you have never been in and get things like a $4.50 polaroid camera, cause you dont have enough already? (this is my third) and jumpers, and plates, and tea cups.
- hold up your friend who is falling, and help her out of her strange circumstance, giving her ginormous love hugs and such
- um.
- bake apple cake and not let a little thing like no eggs in the house get in your way
- drink ten million cups of tea
- yes ten million.
- slowly remember how to blog again.

im back. not in black though.
and i have loved reading all your blogs when i havent had the chance to write on my own.
nick told me via sms that my blogs sucked of late.
sorry nick.