back to nature

back to nature i got... it was awfully nice.
i went to gorges, rainforest, islands, waterfalls, lakes.
and i went to a rodeo.

the rodeo was different
(different like when you are at picasso and a lady
behind you murmers to a friends, awwoo thats different)
at one point i looked up and realised that teetering on the stands
stood about 300 outback australians
and they all voted for john howard.
all of them.

they all took off their hats and held them to their chest
and it was the first time i had heard a recognisable crowd sing...the national anthem

but we saw bucking bulls and wrestled steers, and i must admit it was exciting.

i ate so much seafood i felt like i could breathe under water.
(i later found out i could not whilst snorkelling off fitzroy island, and swallowing so much salt water my lips were permanantly pursed from the salt)

i saw new things and i realised that the city isnt really all that...
i got back to nature. and i dreamt of building a house, and climbing mountains,
swimming in the local watering holes and spending the whole dry season in a place ive never dreamt of living.


thats what happens when you go on a ten day holiday.

we stayed five nights in a motel as it rained a little.
the hotel was run my an old italian women.
on the first morning at 9am she busted into my room (as check out was at 9:30)
and yelled "you STAY or you GO?" in her thick italian accent.
i was naked and in a compromising position.
we stayed.


now im in melbourne again.
two have my friends are leaving for japan this week and they are going for a year.
thats a long time.
its selfish, but im sad.

i cant join ponies, though i would love to grind to 90s Nelly tunes...
i have a 'i think im turning japanese' emergency farewell party to host..

school started this week and im on the home run...

i hope you are all well.
sorry ive been lax.



rhymes with pony said...

i think you;ll find that was 'ginuwine'
nature sounds great.
pity you can;t make it.
again with the japanese messing with my life.
i still love them however.
though apparently they are becoming more and more nationalistic
harakuri murakami (or whatever he is called) is basing his next book around, what he sees, as this disturbing new trend.
they you go: pop music, self pity, politics, and literature all in the one short comment.