pet hates & irks

1. sending long nice funny emails to people in the middle of a conflict and getting absolutely no response within 24 hours

2. myers MASSIVE HISTORY MAKING SALE and getting stuck behind ten ladies who have all those cards that they ask you for, "myer plus, flybuys, blah blah"

3. library fines

4. people who spell things with an "N for NELLY" type attitude

5. that macs dont have backspace key

6. promising yourself you will do work only to procrastinate while you could be out drinking free booze

7. that the things that i love are NEVER on sale enough. eg. prada parfum, chanel parfum, calvin klein underwear, stella macartney shoes, missoni towels, all these un-neccessary items i dont really need but admire and will NEVER be able to afford

8. people that say um on radio lots

9. the price of polaroid film

10. that i get nervous around people i really really like and get instant mute syndrome (TM)

11. buying a magazine only to find it has ONE good photo shoot

12. that bonsoy soy milk has gone up 50 cents at Coles

13. knitting a cute scarf that took me one whole year and losing it

14. when the tags rip of your tea bags

15. that lindt has changed its packaging, i like flipping open that little top.

16. that blobbing can become consequential

17. op shop boots that have to be worn in... they should be worn in already!

grumpy monkey tonight...
i need a goddam banana...



rhymes with pony said...

great post. i spend a lot of time thinking about things i hate. almost started a blob about it. i have to say

1. dont be funny to people who don't deserve it.

3. hoo wee yes siree bob. i always like to get a fine from city library to put into perspective how LIBRARIES SHOULD FINE. 6 days overdue on those 8 things, thatll be hmm 80c. i have racked up 140 dollars in fines in one semester at latrobe. wtf

6. i know this sister. still haven't come to a firm conclusion over which is the lesser of the two evils.

7. its cos we have taste.

8. ppl should get a license to speak on radio. or at least have to pay for each word they say.

9. they look so good though.

10. IMS find a cure someone.

14. and they float to the bottom and you try and catch them cos you cant be bothered getting a spoon out of the drawer and burn your finger. yes!

16. this one intrigues me.

*passes banana and eats silently together*

aarondotcom said...

RE 12. that bonsoy soy milk has gone up 50 cents at Coles.

Stuff COLES ! $22 for a box (6units) of bonsoy at Vic Market health food stand (top of the hill)