ahhhh mmm

ahhh he hee ehm

no im not at the dentist
or having an orgasm

but i dont know what to write.

so i just want to say hello ok?


gday. wassup?

ok i tried to write something...
to no avail. ill try tomorrow. maybe.


ps. i thought id get in on the 'so hot right now' pony thing... but i like camels better
i see them every sunday at the market. have you ever looked at their feet? they are amazing..
i WROTE sumthin'


dell said...

good, apart from the rony, ponies are so last season anyways... DONKEYS! ryhmes with monkeys!

i saw a camel on my weekend drive...

rhymes with pony said...

Good to hear you are still alive and functional, even if its just to type nothing.
yeah thanks dell, im still hot right? i like your rhyme, its a stretch but what the hey?
i saw a documentary about camels having a 'sook' about something or other. they were pretty adorable and fluffy like a persian cat. moulting all over the furniture.
they do spit tho

rhymes with pony said...

but ponies do kick with their hind legs

any season