if all goes according to plan....

NOTHing went according to plan today... nothing.

im still poor, despite month long efforts to get a loan from RMIT

i did a nice drawing and tried to battle technology to submit it to a worthy publication but to no avail, technology and scanning and uni and email all got in the way

i went to an art opening, and decided that i had IMS bad (see below item 10) and there was only one person i could talk to

i tried to get drunk with friends but ended up a floating loner, spending time with people but not the people i craved, and not the time i craved.

i realised that at the 'event' i am having tomorrow there will be little to no one able to attend (this comes with hosting something when some of your friends are away)

i was told after crying in the city waiting for a tram, holding my breath the whole way home, by a man who was talking about his theories on women and how they must 'sit in front of a mirror to touch their arseholes' (!??!#$%) that i was an
"ugly and disgusting woman"

today was not a good day people. i hope that my bad dreams turn good tonight (ive been having some horrid dreams of late nb. scissor stabbing murders)

tiredly yours..