tick tock

please let me explain myself...

i think it might have taken me this long to recover from the blogging events prior to my holiday and then the holiday itself.

melbourne seemed so dull when i arrived back home, and i guess the view has been a little dreary in my world.... still? i hear you say... yes. still.

i am in the last six months of one of the 'hardest degrees in the world' (quote lawyer friend) architecture. so ive been a bit quiet of late, i like to describe it as 'living in a hole' where you eat sleep and design and there isnt much brain power for other things. this is certain to continue for three months, and then ill try and do some 'elective' subjects in the fine arts department to make up for the loss of time...

so i do read your blogs, and i do see your pictures, but i guess i find it hard to dig that little bit deeper to write here.

ill pop in every now and then.

i love the magnolias at the moment, and last week i filled the house with tulips and stolen daphne.

new occupation: drunken guerilla neighbourhood florist

talented i am
as i steal from well laden trees
and florist bins
to create the most brilliant drunken bouqets

i think ill put that on my business card.

p.s. i fixed a leant to me bike and now i have WHEELZ

yours truly
blue malvern star maiden
laiden with flora!



adrian said...

hmm, i found you quite by chance, would you mind at all if i were to add guerilla neighbourhood florist to my blogger profile?

Djali said...

Hooray, Problematic is back on the blogging track! Hey, are you studying at RMIT? Do you know a Matt from Loisianna? He would be in the same year as you, he is lovely, you must look out for him. Ok? xx

hell said...

sounds perfect blue bike... i'm a drunken flower stealer too... actually i don't need to be drunk at all.