so many seas...

i wouldnt usually divulge my friends emails,
but today i received the best dreamy email from murray in egypt.

ahhhh. dahab is splendido. its on the red sea...noice n peaceful like...we can see saudi on zi otherside. been snorkelling around the traps -crazy coral and fish and caves, it all just falls off this coral cliff into the deep blue sea. wowow. the weather turned sour though... spent the afternoon racking up a bill on egyptian tea, turkish coffe and chilled hibiscus teee. tonight we leave for cairo and then to alexandria to swim in the old close to europe but no cigar... whats happening in melbs, tell me the goss, though maybe you are lying somewhere in an ice bath being fanned by midgets. best of luck with that and dont go opening your pits up to useful peoples...

*returns to ice filled bath and orders midgets to carry on...*

they eat small mammals dont they?

things really arent going all that well,
i have to make some decisions.
rather large ones...
all my friends are leaving.

i hear thats what happens when you fall into your mid twenties,
and when you fall in like with someone and stuff and nonsense.

i think im developing abandonment issues...

good news is that im getting paid for my first two weeks of fulltime work next week, and it'll be grand.

and more good news is im moving into a new house, a permanent house, NO more housesitting.

other good news is im going to get a pet, a pet rabbit. he's suffering from a recent divorce with his male lover, and due to a recent spurt of domestic violence from his large white parter, coal face is up for adoption.
we get along well, he is black, doesnt make me sneeze, and has quite big knowledgable eyes.

only problem is Bill, who lives down stairs to my new house has two snakes. pet ones.
one's called slippery.

they eat small mammals dont they?

a man walks into a bar

"why did mona lisa smile?
i have the answer written down in my pocket...
i know why mona lisa smiled,
da vinci must have been a really funny guy,
and laughter is the only way into my heart"

jens lekman
'a man walks into a bar'
from; 'oh! you're so silent jens'
(2004) SWD

unleash the tea cups!

soon, i will have a home, a bedroom all to my self..
i can unleash the tea cups that have been wrapped in the classifieds for four months,
and bring out the teapots that are suffering from not being used.

i have to buy a new wardrobe to house my mis-treated clothes, and a new bed!
a new bed! so excited.

pleeease rain dance in your lunch breaks today,
im going to stand in the mall and belly dance with the fat lady until it rains...


today the lights were out in the lift... i didnt mind though,
being in a lift... climbing eleven floors... only lit by the
2 6 8 9 10 11

it was kind of nice.

*now the sky is sooo dark , im watching all the blue-grey clouds swallow up the sun on the buildings, and cover any last bit of little-girls-dress blue the sky has to offer*

hmm. i wonder if it smells like rain outside...

im wearing a white shirt too today, problematic with no umbrella...

upon my lunchtime wanderings i made a visit to my favourite friend,
her song of the day is express yourself

"dont go for second best baby,
put your love to the test..."

before the leotards, camel toes, massive pectorals and the bulging triceps,
i think madonna had a point.

the cud?

so i bought some shorts a while back, they're quite nice,a little nautical, and yes... they are vintage and maybe a little high waisted.
and whilst doing my afternoon wee (4pm on the dot)
i noticed the label.

'chew the cud'

where in gods name did these shorts come from?
can i wear them now knowing that they say chew tha cud in the inner lining of the waist band?

its not looking good...


today is hump day.
two days left.. and then its the weekend.

such is the excitment of resuming full time work... a world where you wait for the weekend, and try to fill in the gaps between by looking out the window and surviving tram rides with ticket inspectors.

this morning i alighted the tram after traipsing and glaring obviously about the carriage, trying to spot an inspector. and i did. and i got off. and i waited four minutes for the next tram.

the new adds will probably say-
"have you seen this girl *photo of me -eyes bulging crustliy but with endearingly rosey cheeks-*
she has two outstanding tram fines and lives a life filled with tram *agents* inspector fear and paranoia"

thats all for today.
hump day.

happy brithday sten.

"im watching little people in the hero apartments wander around like there is a polar bear after them, watering their plants, and i can see a chimney thats like a canon. today i am pleased that im up above and away from the street"

you still got that same ol glow raelene

i took these today at the foundry whilst helping anna move studios.
i like them.
and id love to know who raelene is, and if its the wall, if the wall's name is raelene, then it sure is glowing...
or is it from some famous movie that ive never seen...

p.s. i am priviledged to have the links to your right on my blog, i hope none of you are offended to be here... i admire all of your blogging skills immensely...

*to my left i can make out various buildings of the city... to my right there is a very beautiful rooftop, with lots of lichen on the terracotta tiles... and straight ahead through the flywire and the dribbled stains of the timber windows last reparation, there are layers of beautiful green trees against a grey backdrop of flat clouds.*

i would like to have a digital camera, so i could show you all the coloured piles of washing from two months of doing no washing what-so-ever. and yes, that means that i have a lot of clothes, a lot of clothes.

so i sit here waiting for the washing machine to chug through them all, one foot on the computer tower, arse half on the chair, waiting for the climactic thump of the spinning finale.

i would also show you the poem i made from, really old lettered blocks (i bought them in an oppy in brisbane over christmas) which are sitting proudly on the window sill in this configuration. they say;


i think ill get them published.

im trying to write interesting things but i keep getting distracted by the fact that i have no email surver (i check my email maybe 3 million times a day) and that i wish i was eating chocolate cake in a beautiful beach house with my best friend. thats where he is.

which reminds me, do you all have a number that you constantly use to exaggerate? mine's three, three million i use quite a bit. gen's is eight, or eighteen, and so is stens. so am i the only one that exaggerates in three's?


washing calls.

hope the view is nice from where you are sitting.

ill give it a go ey?

*the view is dark because i cant be bothered to turn the light on, im backlit by a doorway, and my front is lit by the brightness of the screen. out the window is- blind up- black silhouetted trees with a pink sky from the city lights*

im not making any promises here,
there may be limited interested parties...and thats fine
there may be very little good posture.

but ill see how i go.

why does the melbourne night sky go mushroom pink when it's cloudy.
how come it doesnt go neon blue?

i hope you caught the moon tonight.