today is hump day.
two days left.. and then its the weekend.

such is the excitment of resuming full time work... a world where you wait for the weekend, and try to fill in the gaps between by looking out the window and surviving tram rides with ticket inspectors.

this morning i alighted the tram after traipsing and glaring obviously about the carriage, trying to spot an inspector. and i did. and i got off. and i waited four minutes for the next tram.

the new adds will probably say-
"have you seen this girl *photo of me -eyes bulging crustliy but with endearingly rosey cheeks-*
she has two outstanding tram fines and lives a life filled with tram *agents* inspector fear and paranoia"

thats all for today.
hump day.

happy brithday sten.

"im watching little people in the hero apartments wander around like there is a polar bear after them, watering their plants, and i can see a chimney thats like a canon. today i am pleased that im up above and away from the street"