they eat small mammals dont they?

things really arent going all that well,
i have to make some decisions.
rather large ones...
all my friends are leaving.

i hear thats what happens when you fall into your mid twenties,
and when you fall in like with someone and stuff and nonsense.

i think im developing abandonment issues...

good news is that im getting paid for my first two weeks of fulltime work next week, and it'll be grand.

and more good news is im moving into a new house, a permanent house, NO more housesitting.

other good news is im going to get a pet, a pet rabbit. he's suffering from a recent divorce with his male lover, and due to a recent spurt of domestic violence from his large white parter, coal face is up for adoption.
we get along well, he is black, doesnt make me sneeze, and has quite big knowledgable eyes.

only problem is Bill, who lives down stairs to my new house has two snakes. pet ones.
one's called slippery.

they eat small mammals dont they?


hell said...

what is this picture from again? i'm trying to remember but my mind is blank.

a black bunny sounds delightful.

problematic said...

ahh its from the little prince...
i love it. is it a hat or a boa constrictor eating an elephant?

you'll have to come over for cups of tea and patting bunnies sometime..

Djali said...

Awwe YES, matters of great consequence.