so many seas...

i wouldnt usually divulge my friends emails,
but today i received the best dreamy email from murray in egypt.

ahhhh. dahab is splendido. its on the red sea...noice n peaceful like...we can see saudi on zi otherside. been snorkelling around the traps -crazy coral and fish and caves, it all just falls off this coral cliff into the deep blue sea. wowow. the weather turned sour though... spent the afternoon racking up a bill on egyptian tea, turkish coffe and chilled hibiscus teee. tonight we leave for cairo and then to alexandria to swim in the old close to europe but no cigar... whats happening in melbs, tell me the goss, though maybe you are lying somewhere in an ice bath being fanned by midgets. best of luck with that and dont go opening your pits up to useful peoples...

*returns to ice filled bath and orders midgets to carry on...*