The Week in Review.

- Two more sales on my site, one to France and another to Liverpool, England. Pretty amazing.

- Fitzroy house fell through. Tough times. We have to be out of our house on the 14th of May. 17 days to find a house. Eek.

- A costume has been decided on for the Safari Party. Hints: a bit prissy, definitely hunted, only defense against predators is to assemble in large groups and hope you aren't 'the one'. So far the confirmed costumes that I know of are three Lions, one Leopard, five Hunters, one Antelope, one Vulture, one Meerkat. Ha!

- NEIS application is coming along, I have my interview on Tuesday.

- A new job for studio i-i, a renovation in Northcote with some very lovely clients.

- Two parties and a show tonight, I'm investing (note my priorities) in some Tequila for my pretty flask. One theme tassels and jewels, another theme 80 years young... the show is 'Autumn Tones' a Mistletones show including Beaches, The Ancients and Witch Hats. Phew. Big night.


dell said...

ohmegod, loookit your flask, ITS AMAZERS

problematic said...

pretty hot huh. best buy of last year i reckon...
have you bought any goodies of late?