So the scarf is coming along. Well, to be honest, I think its a blanket. I think I'll use up this ball of wool and then start another one. But it will be excellent for winter snuggling on the couch.
We find out about our potential house this week. It's very exciting, even though we love our house oh-so-much, new surroundings can be good I suppose. I want to tell you all everything about it, but we are being restrained here until we find out 100%. It's sitting at around 90%. I keep thinking about my new (almost) room and all the things I can do now that I'll have a room big enough to swing my arms around, dance, hang art and do 'snow' angels on my flokati rug. But enough of that. I'll let you know when it is all set in stone.

So. Safari Party. There is a buzz in the house. "We can move this and hang up canvas so it's like a Safari tent", "We can paint a mural and have head cut outs for photos", "We can get a zebra pinata". Any other suggestions? As for a costume. Well. Hippo? Flamingo? Boa Constrictor? Hmm.

Happy Tuesday.