It's oh so quiet...
Sorry I have been aloof these past couple of weeks. It's been a little crazy on this side of town.

Re: House...
We applied for a 'dank house with potential' two weeks ago and got shortlisted. A Californian bungalow with strange wallpaper, chandaliers, a 50s kitchen and room for a rabbit. Oh you applied too? Great. The inspection was like a party with around 60 people and no music. High fives in the hallway. People insulting the estate agent. It's the only cheap house that we looked at. What this 'shortlist' means I don't really know. One of three? We find out if we got it in the next "24 - 48 hours". Awesome. Thanks for the specificity. But, IT IS realestate, I don't know what I was expecting.
So now I am working my way up to going down to the shed and getting some boxes. We have 5 sleeps left in the beauty of Bowen Crescent. Let the packing begin.

Re: Safari Party..
APPARENTLY it was a good night. I have post party anxiety because I went to hard to early and ended up memory-less from around 2am. APPARENTLY I dj'd and there was dancing. APPARENTLY there were so many people in loungeroom people couldn't get in. APPARENTLY there were good times all round. Alas I can't really remember but for a hazy collection of "I can't believe you came and thank you", "you're costume is amazing" conversations and proclamations of "Hi I'm Sarah- You are? Ah nice to meet you, It's my party...". There were definately some great costumes and friendly faces. And some fitting mess. The lost property was a pretty amazing pile of toy guns, lion heads, khaki garments, faux cheetah fur, simba soft toys, beige heels and safari hats.

I've started business school. I'm tired this week, but I've been learning heaps and am really excited about having all this new knowledge and new skills to make all of my life better. Not just Lalka, but i-i and rectifying my monetary failures. Turns out a friend of mine is doing it too. Briony Ridley. We are organising a shoot together for two weeks. THAT'S exciting!

Re: i-i
Murray and I are currently building a website, which is awesome... I'll let you know when it's up and about. We'll be putting all our design work up, including Julio, our sketch design for the house at Gumma and some of our other persuits. Whoop!

Re: Dating.
I'm going on a date tonight. Totally weird.


rhymes with pony said...

i had similar househunting experiences when i was looking. It was quite a slide show of characters, usually in groups of four; asian student gang, family gang, surfer boy gang, girls from the country gang. Everyone competing for the one place like an untelevised reality show.

Good luck on your date tonight. dates are intense, i recommend deep breathing exercises and shot of gin. And remember its like a sharehouse interview; they have to impress you as much as you have to impress them.

djali said...

Re: the dating - Really?! MEeeee TOOoooo! Crazy.

That's very good advice Pony.

cake said...

'short list' might mean they are waiting to see who will offer them more money... ? bastards.

i hope your date was/ is nice