The Week in Review.

- Two more sales on my site, one to France and another to Liverpool, England. Pretty amazing.

- Fitzroy house fell through. Tough times. We have to be out of our house on the 14th of May. 17 days to find a house. Eek.

- A costume has been decided on for the Safari Party. Hints: a bit prissy, definitely hunted, only defense against predators is to assemble in large groups and hope you aren't 'the one'. So far the confirmed costumes that I know of are three Lions, one Leopard, five Hunters, one Antelope, one Vulture, one Meerkat. Ha!

- NEIS application is coming along, I have my interview on Tuesday.

- A new job for studio i-i, a renovation in Northcote with some very lovely clients.

- Two parties and a show tonight, I'm investing (note my priorities) in some Tequila for my pretty flask. One theme tassels and jewels, another theme 80 years young... the show is 'Autumn Tones' a Mistletones show including Beaches, The Ancients and Witch Hats. Phew. Big night.

Images taken from 'A Field Guide to the Mediterranean Sea Shore' W. Luther. 1976. A topsy turvey week, the housing prospects are still up in the air. This book made me feel a little better though. Tomorrow is a day for expeditioning to the outer suburbs to find some vintage treasure.
Have a nice weekend. x

I've been researching 'pattern making' for my bag project. Long story. Still in the research stage.

But I have found some articles on Paisley particularly interesting. There is a lot going on between using the paisley design as a symbol in Turkey, India and Iran to John Lennon painting his Rolls Royce in 1967. This article is good regarding the evolution of the pattern to British shawls etc. But what I really want is this book...
The things that drop down when I type 'A' into my Google search window:

Al Green I'm so in love with you youtube
Al Green
Among the Cannibals
a beautiful shed
adoption age limit
africa Rudd's Lark
africa Spotted Ground-Thrush
africa White-Winged fluff tail

So the scarf is coming along. Well, to be honest, I think its a blanket. I think I'll use up this ball of wool and then start another one. But it will be excellent for winter snuggling on the couch.
We find out about our potential house this week. It's very exciting, even though we love our house oh-so-much, new surroundings can be good I suppose. I want to tell you all everything about it, but we are being restrained here until we find out 100%. It's sitting at around 90%. I keep thinking about my new (almost) room and all the things I can do now that I'll have a room big enough to swing my arms around, dance, hang art and do 'snow' angels on my flokati rug. But enough of that. I'll let you know when it is all set in stone.

So. Safari Party. There is a buzz in the house. "We can move this and hang up canvas so it's like a Safari tent", "We can paint a mural and have head cut outs for photos", "We can get a zebra pinata". Any other suggestions? As for a costume. Well. Hippo? Flamingo? Boa Constrictor? Hmm.

Happy Tuesday.
done! done! done!

What a day! For a Sunday anyway. I hope everyone is having a delightful weekend and you are all relaxing in cosy weather! x

from top: shells in a jar, my favorite pins and brooches, closer, romy's room, romy's enamel thumb sized bowls.

These are a few of my favourite things. I'm slowly getting through the list of things to do to get my store up and running. The word is out though and It's one step at a time.
I'll post more exciting news and images tomorrow!!

Trying to capture the beauty of Bowen Cres. before we have to vacate.

Murray's Polaroid's from Easter Camping.

Romy went to buy polaroid film today and it was the last two packets. Perhaps the last two ever. So strange and sad.
It's been a big weekend. Friday night was manic, last night was much the same!
A house is almost confirmed, but not quite 100%. So we can't celebrate quite yet. Party planning is underway though. Safari it is. The first weekend in May. I think we will transform our apartment into an African Tundra without any trouble at all (?).
I hope your start to the week is gently productive, I have all the things I didn't do last week to complete!

Ooooooooweeeeeeee. An unpredictably busy week.

Helping out lovely kids with collections. Thinking about designing my own purses. Getting vintage wares out and about (so close). Writing descriptions and press releases for the opening of my Etsy shop. Playing Architect for Jack as he looks at warehouses to build a recording studio in. Blogging. Eating Romy's Borscht. Withstanding gale force winds.

la posted an amazing link to Wunderkammer today which blew me away. I've never seen such beautiful crochet, let alone sea creatures.

Well. Hopefully more interesting and rollicking adventures to talk of soon. Until then, stay grounded.