surveying the scene
NYE 2006
Venus Bay, VIC
Finally, today will be busy. I've been so lackadaisical this week anyone would think I was the one with the flu, not my housemate! Tomorrow is the big day.

The Garage Sale Extravaganza
(see two posts below)

Last night I stayed up late making a rather lengthy string of coloured flags. I used up some of my vintage paper, in the prettiest patterns. Ill post photos when I string them up. Its a little rainy today. Tomorrow is due to be fine weather. Lets hope so!

I am currently making the signs, last time I made a stencil and spray painted them, it worked well so I am doing it again.

Ill also be making some delicious treats today, honey joys, hard toffees, g.a.r.a.g.e.s.a.l.e shaped biscuits and honeycomb. As well as some lemonade cordial! Hooray!

I hope you all have an excellent weekend and the sun shines at least a little where ever you are.


So pretty this is....and jens and taken by trees...


I bought Aglaia Konrad, Elasticity a couple of years ago from Metropolis and still pick it up and find inspiring images. There are the subtlest hints of occupation within the daunting, vast urban landscapes.

i came across this beautiful blog full of illustrations today and had to share... x via aaA
This Kate Bush documentary is so so so amazing!

Part One-

Part Two-

Part Three-

where am i?
April, 2006
Melbourne CBD, VIC

Every time I read Frankie magazine I am amazed at how many talented people I know. It is truly a blessing to have so many 'writer friends'. Anna has written a snippet on our friends' bad teen tattoo's. Caro has written a hilarious snippet in the current issue of Frankie, on the trials and tribulations of the office working gal. Ben has interviewed Goldfrapp. There is also an interview on Parker Posey, one of my favourite actors. I'm waiting for the next issue, so I can read Romy's snippets too!

A beautiful friend of mine, Beck Wheeler is having a show opening at UBER gallery.
Hey, Hey, Which Way? 4 March - 30 March 2008
Come along!
Well I'm home now and its full steam ahead on so many levels. I have plans and goals for next week, next month and next year in place.

The garage sale has had to be put off due to bad weather... so next weekend it is! Hopefully the rain will ease off toward the end of next week as predicted.

On Wednesday night I arrived home, got changed and went to see my friend Laith McGregor's show. It was great. I always enjoy seeing his work, particularly his biro drawings... It's here for a little while if you get a chance, go see it!

I then went to see PJ Harvey play at Hamer Hall. It was incredible! She is so amazing, it was crazy seeing this refined and beautiful character, dressed in a Victorian style gown go between playing a piano laden with fairy lights, then bust out on guitar! I was so blown away by her voice. Gig of the year, so far. Aside from Bjork at the Big Day Out.

swaying on the ceiling
December 2007
Brunswick, VIC

November 2007
Werribee Zoo, VIC
I'm at the beach again and I can hear the waves through the breeze, like when you hold a large shell to your ear. Cliched I know, but so true.

I have so many new freckles developing all over my arms. My legs have a soreness that only comes with climbing steep hills. The kind of hills that you come face to face with.

Last night while walking to get some prawns for dinner I noticed the way that some of the 'under house' spaces are used in Brisbane. There was a particular trend, for on a hot night, opening up the garage to reveal a television room underneath the sprawling houses on stilts.
Mostly elderly Greek migrants and their families, faces aglow with the blue light from the television.

I'm finally looking forward to coming home. I think this weekend I'll have a yard sale.
My last garage sale was two years ago! Remember?

I need a job? Perhaps a cafe. Does work in a cinema or a bookshop exist? Or a dream job selling beautiful things? How do you get these jobs?
I have many strange skills and a good eye. If anyone knows of anything let me know.

And I plan to travel like a crazy woman as soon as the funds accumulate enough to do so.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone
I hope your day is filled with love and beauty.

Carlton Baths
February 2006

I realised I haven't really posted any of my illustrations... Here is one from last year. I have more to scan, but I'll start posting the ones I have every now and then. x

It was brought to my attention that I hadn't really been home for three weeks... I think the thing I miss most are the swans that hang above my bed. But otherwise? It's good to be away.
Flensted Swan Mobile.
the year of the polaroid, before its immanent demise...
Last December we all went down to Kennett River and camped by the sea. So much came up afterwards that I didn't post any of the amazing photos. So, here they are.

There were King Parrots all over the camp site,
they would come and sit on the hood of the van
and peep over and wake us in
the morning with a screech.

This was our little home,
how can I have so many good looking friends?

At the beach, the rocks looked as if they were
frozen sand after a storm of giant rain drops.

After that giant storm the rocks were
inhabited with beautiful creatures and shells.

The water was cold, but so invigorating.

The river was beautiful, we walked and walked,
all the way up the river and back...

It was an amazing trip. We'll be heading back there at the end of summer and doing it all over again!
Im sitting in a house in the rainforest, the bell birds woke me up this morning.
It's pretty amazing here, the forest is steamy and is sizzling with crickets and frogs.

Im off for a swim!

I hope its a clear night so I can take stock of the night sky.

May 2006
Wilsons Promontory, VIC

out the back
July 2006
North Fitzroy Bowling Club, VIC

you. take. photo?
February 2006
Rathdowne St Melbourne
A little note from a worthwhile encounter last week has made today a little better than the others.

I'm in Brisbane.
The air is dense with moisture,
Just as the sun warms, the air thickens it rains again in a perpetual cycle.

Sammy's apartment is a strange dream, bright green trees trying to find their way into the windows, rain tumbling down in the middle of the night and geckos skitting over the walls.

Tonight I have pizza with old friends and more work to do!
I just can't seem to shake the habit of disappointing everyone around me and myself.

I'm in QLD but I can't escape myself even if I hold my breath underwater and wait for the light to come in from between the cracks in my slowly opening eyes.

I am not built to look after myself and that disappoints everyone.
I just spent three days with my mother and I just can't shake the fear.

This week is a mess. A complete shit fight.

perils eye
july, 2005
ACCA, victoria