Well I'm home now and its full steam ahead on so many levels. I have plans and goals for next week, next month and next year in place.

The garage sale has had to be put off due to bad weather... so next weekend it is! Hopefully the rain will ease off toward the end of next week as predicted.

On Wednesday night I arrived home, got changed and went to see my friend Laith McGregor's show. It was great. I always enjoy seeing his work, particularly his biro drawings... It's here for a little while if you get a chance, go see it!

I then went to see PJ Harvey play at Hamer Hall. It was incredible! She is so amazing, it was crazy seeing this refined and beautiful character, dressed in a Victorian style gown go between playing a piano laden with fairy lights, then bust out on guitar! I was so blown away by her voice. Gig of the year, so far. Aside from Bjork at the Big Day Out.