I'm at the beach again and I can hear the waves through the breeze, like when you hold a large shell to your ear. Cliched I know, but so true.

I have so many new freckles developing all over my arms. My legs have a soreness that only comes with climbing steep hills. The kind of hills that you come face to face with.

Last night while walking to get some prawns for dinner I noticed the way that some of the 'under house' spaces are used in Brisbane. There was a particular trend, for on a hot night, opening up the garage to reveal a television room underneath the sprawling houses on stilts.
Mostly elderly Greek migrants and their families, faces aglow with the blue light from the television.

I'm finally looking forward to coming home. I think this weekend I'll have a yard sale.
My last garage sale was two years ago! Remember?

I need a job? Perhaps a cafe. Does work in a cinema or a bookshop exist? Or a dream job selling beautiful things? How do you get these jobs?
I have many strange skills and a good eye. If anyone knows of anything let me know.

And I plan to travel like a crazy woman as soon as the funds accumulate enough to do so.