just a goddam dreamer

Alright so today I am bored.
Yes. Three. Posts.
I thought I might revise my resolutions. There really isnt much that is more depressing than re-reading some poor attempt at motivation from six months ago...

1. finish my degree
i bailed and didnt even finish my major project. i took an extra ten weeks and i still couldnt do it. it was possibly the hardest time of my life and i ruined my whole summer. i think i have only just recovered from the trauma.

2. see more movies
this is a good one! ive seen way more movies this year. ive seen so many dvds highlights being good night and goodluck, the hustler (1961), heathers. oh so so many at the cinema, too many to bang on about. ok whats next...

3. get a goddam computer
uh. still working on that baby but it gets closer and closer the more i stay in this godforsaken place (work that is)...

4. year of the debt (recovery from)
well. IVE ALMOST PAID BACK ALL OF MY FRIENDS! this is amazing. it feels great. i know it sounds like im a sucker but because i was studying and everyone was working i was taking up loan offers left right and centre. now i only have, credit card, rmit, and department of infrastructure debts...

5. get a small business grant
well this is one thing that i went to 'see about' and realised i need to have a more refined proposal fro my ebay business. so ill just try and skip this one...

6. finish my degree (did i say that already?)
even more depressing when asked another time.

7. blog
here i am. my other blogs have become null and void though but thats ok...

8. do some more art
im dappling in drawing at the moment.

9. publish some illustrations
hmm. see above.

10. complete another architecture comission
well its underway, a house in northern nsw. its going to be excellent.

11. plan a trip for 2008
well. this one is currently in a planning phase. but hopefully i can get to tokyo, NY, london, paris, rome, sicily. ambitious? me?

now i actually have to do some work...

just listened to:
Jesus and the Mary Chain- my girl;
Silver Jews- pretty eyes;
Brian Eno- needles in the camels eye...