bored... again?

you know you are bored when...

you have checked your favourite blobs at least three times each and they haven't been updated.
you have planned the next FIVE weekends. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
you have wandered back and forth from the kitchen twenty gazillion times only to realise there is no way you can drink more tea, so you have to tip out the last one mid way and make another one.
after reading every single 'news wire' you email your friends about what you all refer to as 'hunger wrath' at its extreme in a pizza restaurant in California (involving a machete).
you lament lost friendships whilst drawing purple lines in your ever friendly computer program.
you sit staring out the window waiting for the sparkling trickle of lights across the west gate bridge and write the time down to see if it was different from yesterday.
you wonder why you wanted to write golden gate bridge instead of west gate, you don't know anyone in San Francisco.
you wonder if it would be annoying to call your boyfriend again on his day off... only to whisper through the mouthpiece due to the proximity of everyone around you...
you wonder if it would be that harmful to come to work hungover again tomorrow.

maybe i wouldn't be so bored then.