what a week

im working more that i had hoped and neglecting school and getting nervous
and im crossing a river everyday and reading the paper every morning on the tram (so i miss the crossing of the river bit) and elbowing people and getting shirty at tram inspectors.
im walking around staring at all the toorak trash, and buying coffees, feeling like im on top of things a little more.
im getting sad about reminiscence, and getting angry about sudden turnarounds, and getting frustrated cause i need to do washing. in my case today, neccessity bred invention, and im not too worried about my outfit. the dark depths of the wardrobe came up with a spring favourite or two.
im missing the steam from my mouth but i know its coming back next week, and im enjoying the heat the sun makes on my black clothes in south yarra streets.
ive started carrying a comb around with me, a little black one.

ive stopped crying.

i have too much on. i want to start a small business, i want to op shop all day long, i want to illustrate and photograph and paint. i want to make buildings too.

but for now ill hide in the corners of the south yarra tree lined back streets and make some money drawing south side homes...

tonight: there is an opening at platform, and if you read the paper on the tram today like i did, there is a great and funny article on juliana ACCA.

have a nice sunny day while it lasts