our house is turning into a reagular menagerie... we have a rabbit and fish, which is highly normal. our downstairs neighbour has two snakes, slippery and judy, and two tropical parrots ruby and max.

now we are getting two chickens.

bill, our downstairs neighbour, has a friend who breeds chickens and we are going to have some...

i cant wait to have fresh eggs... and little chickens clucking about. saving up eggs for a cake will be the best part of my week.


p.s. Q&A re: blogging ettiquite. are you responsible for the feelings of the people who read your blog? how do you negate expressing your feelings? do you censor your blog to make people who may read it happy?


rhymes with pony said...

i dont think anyone has figured out the answer to this question.
but i do know of some big bustups that have happened irl after some digital venting.