too big to remember

my weekend was too big.
too big to remember exactly what it was i did, exactly what was it that i did for four days.
lets see.
wednesday, i didnt sleep... because on thursday, i had a presentation in front of boy architects talking about this and that...train stations and suburbs... but all i really wanted to talk about was this:

why dont blind people play the accordian on trains anymore? and why dont people wear hats on trains anymore? and why do i procastinate by doing things like decorating my mouse pad?:

...then because i hadnt slept and hadnt eaten cause i had a presentation- i had beer.
and then because i hadnt eaten, and i hadnt had sleep and i had beer- i got drunk.

friday i slept. friday night i went to see some famous japanese architect talk about their funky houses that have sweeping forms and big ceilings. their designs are purely forms built around regualtions and they are beautiful.
then on friday night i had more beer. and what tasmanians call 'pyjamas'. aka spaghetti and cheese jaffles.
saturday i slept. and lazed about. alllll day. trying not to think about all the projects i suddenly have.
saturday i had a beautiful thai dinner in the nicest house in melbourne. miss karen cooked up a storm. then off to party, too many bottles of wine to myself later i was dancing and there were drunken boys falling on me left right and centre.
sunday i slept.

and all this culminated in the most delicious cherry and almond pie i have ever made!

and so now after all that party-ing and pie eating i feel like a wind-up toy, an steam train tin wind up toy, all ready to go! ready to jump in and start designing my thesis project....

yours truly
until sleep club resumes,


rhymes with pony said...

mmm mm mmm

hell said...

mmmm mmmm mmmm one day i shall see you in the real true flesh and take my word i will try to charm you into baking that pie again and reliving the wonder... until then miss...


Mr M. said...

most delicious it most certainly was!