its late and cold

and i have a cold. and i have school work up to my ear holes, maybe my eyeballs too,
so it seems the perfect time to blob...

i always think of nice things to write, much like mr simon...
but get distracted and forget them

i ate jaffas today, lots of them and sat and stared at the computer (and im still staring!) and i went to marias trattoria on peel st in north melbourne and ate pasta, and then chewed on a killer python... i had the pleasure of sharing the evening with gen and murray
and we talked about what the best word to use for vaginas is (vadge), that the use of the word doodle is inappropriate after the age of 2 (someone we know uses it alot???) and that the funniest thing to do is to say whatever you were going to say but put the emphasis on the wrong syllable and you'll laugh like a hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena.
a fucking hyeeena.

the beauty of language.

last night i had a romantic interlude.
and didnt go home when
maybe i should have
but maybe it was a relapse
but it was so nice i dont really care

but no sleep means my nose is running like a leaky hose
a goddam fire hose

murray has a blackboard on his porch
which the whole street contributes to
and draws on (ghostpatrol who are you?? we think you are pretty)
and appropriates
at their will and incognito

my favourite balckboard quote;

"your sideways glances warm
my timber bones"

ill try to be a little more consistant with blobbing
now im not working its hard to while away the hours on the intra-ma-net...

thanks for all your nice comments lately




hell said...

ooooo i have just made another batch of quince paste, with quinces from that handsome young ronan... i'll briung it, we'll have it on crackers with roaring forties blue and sip quince brandy. you think?

rhymes with pony said...

quince brandy
with quince paste;
wear some quince trousers while your at it.

hell said...

well that's lucky you mentioned that ronan, as i have a pair right here that i prepared earlier. do you love that they, also are short quince trousers... you do? good. now, shut it.

problematic said...

i think i may have some quice pants too, nice and yellow, and a little bt furry?
it sounds delightful madame
i will have some spare time end of next week to have our little quince fetival