you move me

I cleaned my desk yesterday. Therefore, the view is a little more composed, a little more comfortable from where I am sitting today.

Out the window I see the roof network that lines Bourke St. Air Conditioning Ducts snake over (reminds me of slippery – the snake that lives downstairs) and on to other buildings, fire escapes and lift core boxes stack up, satellites, aerials, flagpoles…

Another world, un-inhabited…but for birds, window washers and the odd little man.

Sometimes there is a chair or two, a bit of astro-turf, but its rare to see the people that use them, that put them there.

It’s a grey day.

I wish I wasn’t staring at empty rooftop chairs, I wish I wasn’t sleeping on couch cushions still.

*winces eyes and hopes to be teleported to perhaps Spain. Yes Spain… in the middle of the night, with dancing ladies and swivelling hips*