This is my current favourite song. The Go Betweens have been a band that I can't really shake, Brisbane all over. I voted.

Warning: long-winded update afoot.

I've been a busy bee. Trying to get out and about. Get in contact with old friends. The birthday season is almost upon us. One or two per weekend for the next two months. So many Librans and Scorpions. It was Gen's birthday last week and above is the little present of a terrarium I made. Must be something in the air. Trying to bottle up spring perhaps?

Off to Sydney this week to complete the Costume Design for Kelly's Blues. It's being shot over the weekend, but I'm handing over to wardrobe and coming back for the wedding of the year. Yes! Emma and Cass!

Gordon Grove is coming along. A few hiccups with the old bugger, creaking and sloping while being built, but nothing a bit of extra time, steel, and concrete can't fix. We found our crystal taps and got them fixed*. Next, finalising tiles (this country is a drought for beautiful tiles). We got some old/new stock from De Fazio in Brunswick for the boy bathroom. A dusty box of 21 geometric patterned tiles scouted out by my client. Excellent. Otherwise we've had a bit of trouble matching some tiles to our 70s-ex-toorak-mansion-ceramic Villeroy & Boch double basin, toilet and shelves. After hitting the pavement numourous times, sifting through pool tiles and loose tiles in dusty shops in Malvern and Prahran, we found some amazing new Italian tiles from Urban Edge in Richmond. They are thick and have a gorgeous uneven crazed glaze. I'm waiting for some swampy ceramic pool mosaics from Brisbane. Oh lord Brisbanites are slow. Don't they want to SELL THEIR TILES? Then. Handles. Then- Joinery! Exciting.

Unfortuneately university and I didn't work out. Again. The above was a factor and not having a studio had a role to play. But mainly heartbreak was the key to abandonment. I wish I was one of those people that could channel their hurt and grief into a tangible force and fight on! Alas. Next year will be the year of travel and university. It's just been three months of heartache.

Trotksi & Ash is on the go now again though and I feel like I can remain in control of little fun projects for a while. Lauren is a genius. And Romy remains our European correspondant. COME BACK SOON!

Here is a photo from a shoot I organised a while back too, the first one. Next, a shoot for these ladies (k & n & m) photographer is Jeremy Drape, looking forward to working with more talented people!

Trying to keep a bit busy but not overwhelmed.

Over and Out.

*by the AMAZING people at The Tapware Centre in Bentleigh. They can find spindles, flanges and little tiny screws for any ol tap.

Trotski and Ash (Well just Trotski actually) had a very big weekend. So many delicious treats to come! To start off here is the potato tortilla. Delicious.

I've been doing some research for a project I'm working on and thought I should share some beauties I've found along the way.

What a Beauty!

Beautiful garments from Charles Anastase, photos from Garance

I love this clip so so much.


Airbourne via + via fffound.

Planning a trip to The Prom.

Western European churches, especially those near or in shipping towns, often suspended a model ship from the ceiling as a symbol of good luck for sailors.

Murray sent me this beautiful link to these hanging ships. Knowing full well how much I love things hanging from here and there (I cover every hook, handle and hanging light with trinkets, ribbons and scarves- not to mention my swans) this is a dream. Crystal Ships!
(via Ouno)

amazing pictures from shh.

Whilst doing some research for my Preston project I found this amazing wheat field project by Agnes Denes in Brooklyn. Planting in inhospitable environments to create new borders is a major part of my approach to the project. It reminds me of a story Gerald, our old neighbour at Bowen Crs. used to tell us about his mother strolling through wheat fields in Bruswick on the hill.

Beautiful polaroid collages by Hana Davies

What a weekend. What a week. I'm glad August has been and gone. September is going quite well so far. Like the tulips in the concrete garden on my street. They sit there behind the chain wire fence, so big and waxy. Early in the morning the little silver haired woman emerges and waters her garden liberally. I'll post a picture sometime I hope.

I think my project is becoming more resolved in my mind. I wish I was one of those people that could work in layers, layers of drawings and a plethora of models. I think I let things sit. Like the pot of bolognese that's sitting on my stove. Micka's grandmother's recipe. It's been bubbling away for hours. Perhaps 6? My project sits, veiled in a heady steam of cloves and bay leaves.
Hopefully it turns out to be as elegant and considered as a good bolognese...

Murray visited on the weekend. I surrendered to the party (a voodoo party- as seen above) and enjoyed every minute when I put a stop to thinking about all the things that I could be doing (or procrastinating from) and all the things that have weighed heavy on my mind for the last little while.

When I get there can we stay here? via Cerre